About Us

We provide a unique social experience for dogs and create a new standard for socialization. We believe daycare should be a weekly routine, like a second home with a regular group of friends. Dogs thrive on routine, structure, and consistency. Our daycare allows dogs to be off leash to socialize and play, with the intentions of a tired, happy dog. It takes the right match of dogs and staff with the knowledge and skills to manage a playgroup safely. Some daycares, like ours, can have anywhere from 40-80 dogs in one day. Contrary to popular belief, a healthy, playful group is not chaotic and loud and we are simply creating a different daycare concept. We make every effort for a cohesive playgroup and provide a high standard of care. We are selective with the dogs we allow to attend in our daily groups with the direct purpose of maintaining a healthy daycare experience.

Doggie Fun & Fitness employs only the most ardent of animal lovers who are committed to treating your pet as if it was a beloved member of their own family. Meet some of our amazing staff!