The Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop Unleashed In Seattle

Date:  August 13, 2016

International Association of Canine Professionals Advanced Certified Dog Trainer & Professional Dog Trainer Instructor, Laurie Wagner Leads Workshop for Dog Care Professionals at Downtown Dog Lounge


SEATTLE WA-Professional dog trainer and founder of the Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop, Laurie Wagner, will lead a two-day workshop on Saturday August 20th and Sunday August 21st, from 9:00 to 4:00 each day at Downtown Dog Lounge located at 1011 Mercer St. The Quiet Dog Daycare workshop teaches dog professionals calming techniques that help hyperactive dogs to soften, and nervous dogs to relax among other dogs.

Laurie Wagner, owner of Doggie Fun & Fitness in Kingston, Massachusetts and member of the International Association of Canine Professionals has been training dogs for over 16 years using calm techniques. “Dog daycares don’t need to be loud. Loud noises make dogs more tense,” declares Wagner. “They make dogs bark, jump, hump other dogs, and mark territory. They’re not happy.” In just two days the Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop teaches the art of socialization, to help dog daycares help more dogs.

For more information on the workshop in Seattle call Downtown Dog Lounge at 206-302-7078. To find out more about Laurie Wagner and the upcoming workshops in Boston and Australia (Perth & Melbourne), go online to, join the Quiet Dog Daycare group page on Facebook, or watch the video on YouTube at:

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