Caitlin of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Caitlin of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Caitlin of Doggie Fun & Fitnes, with her dog Rosie

How long have you worked here? About 2 months as a runner/cleaner. I bring the dog’s out to the owners at pick up time.

Why did you choose to work here? I adore dogs and was very curious to see how a doggie day care worked.

What did you expect it to be like? Actually I was not completely sure. That was the exciting part! I mostly expected things like lots of barking, poop, etc.

What has surprised you the most? The dogs are so quiet! The way the trainers have the dogs quietly yet sufficiently getting their fill for the day is amazing without constant barking.

What do you like best about your job? I love seeing the many fantastic personalities that these dogs have. My contact workers are also very helpful helping a new guy out when I get confused!

Caitlin & her friend's dog Tara

Caitlin & her friend’s dog Tara

What do you like least? When dogs that are very strong and pull on their leash and do not have any sort of prong collar and I am dragged through the parking lot. ( I’m getting big muscles from this job however!)

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