Day 5: First Walk With Both Dogs

So these dogs haven’t officially met yet. They drove home in the car together but tied back so they couldn’t reach each other. Gotta keep things safe!

First walk with a new dog. Dog on right (red slip leash) is Ziva. I’ve had her 7 years & she was also an owner surrender. She was one of the toughest dogs I’ve ever met. I learned so much from her though! It’s making my new dog Annyong (left, blue leash) seem like a cake walk. He was also an owner surrender. Both dogs were very challenging, beyond the owners’ skill sets. It’s very important to chose a dog that matches your skill set.

Introducing a dog to a new dog safelySo I first had them walk on either side of me. They weren’t allowed to sniff each other.






Annyong looking pretty chill. Ears to the side, mouth open, softer eyes, no tension on leash. This is huge progress!

Now a half hour later they are a little more settled. I’m allowing them to walk more closely but still no sniffing. I want them to both be calm & settled before they formally meet. Probably another day or 2.






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