Meet The Staff- Carolyn of Doggie Fun & Fitness


1.  How long have you worked here?

Since DFF opened. I started working for Laurie as a dog walker/per sitter in 2008. I’ve spent the last few years doing mostly the day care & partly training, but now we have been so busy all I do is train & customer relations.

2. Why did I choose to work here?

My son started 1st grade and I had to get back into the work force. I had previously worked in the corporate 9-5 world. I needed flexible hours. I had always loved being around dogs, I had 2 big ones. I found Laurie online and pretty much begged for a job.

3.  What did you expect it to be like?

I had no idea. While we were dog walkers we all had groups of dogs that we would bring together. That morphed into the daycare. We kind of made it up as we went along. We learned by trial and error. Some lessons were hard. We continue to learn every day.

Carolyn with her dog Ollie

Carolyn with her dog Ollie

4. What has surprised you most?

Funny question…doing what we do I can honestly say that NOTHING surprises me. We have heard and seen it all. When you work with dogs and their people I think you have to have an open mind and be prepared for any scenario. You have to adjust and adapt at a moments notice. Assuming you know what comes next can let you get complacent…and that will lead to mistakes.

5. What do you like best? 

What we do is often fun but sometimes can be difficult and stressful. You have to depend upon and trust your co-workers here. I love the camaraderie. I absolute LOVE watching dogs transform here. I have witnessed happy tears from grateful owners who are overwhelmed by the changes in their dog. Being just a part of the process that brings those changes is an honor.

6. What do you like least?

I get upset when owners are either too lazy or too narrow minded to take the tools we give to them and apply them. When a dog that we turned around from bad behaviors starts to regress and the blame gets put upon US…that bothers me. When a dog’s full potential can’t be reached because the owner just won’t do the work…that brings me frustration. We take pride in what we do. We care so much that problems get fixed. Sadly we are often blamed for those problems when the owner won’t commit to the work. Everyone should be able to enjoy a happy contented dog.

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