Meet the Staff – Kayla of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Kayla Hart of Doggie Fun & Fitness

1.)How long have you worked here?

2.5 years

2.) Why did you choose to work here?

I was recommended by a friend. I was working in retail at the time, but I also wasn’t sure what to do for a career. I applied to DFF, and some time later I ended up getting my Veterinary Assistant Certificate from Massasoit. Now I’m studying Business Management at Quincy College.

3.) What did you expect it to be like?

I expected to just watch dogs while they play, and then I started training for the daycare floor. Now I work in the office in the afternoons.14188309_10156428507923647_9126322096446742763_o

4.) What has surprised you the most?

I was surprised by how much hard work goes into working with dogs, and how training-oriented DFF was.

5.) What do you like best about your job? 

Theres a few things that I love about having the opportunity to work at DFF; I love creating bonds with new dogs and still having bonds with dogs that have been coming since I started, I also love talking to clients and having knowing them for years, and I love the knowledge I have of dogs to use in the future.

6.) What do you like least?

Nothing, not even cleaning up whatever can possibly come out of a dog’s body 😉 guess I’m used to it by now


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