Meet the Staff- Noelle- groomer for Doggie Fun & Fitness

Noelle- groomer for Doggie Fun & Fitness

1.  How long have you worked here? 9 months

2. Why did I choose to work here? I chose to work here because one of my dogs had gone through training and daycare, and I was impressed with the operation. Plus Laurie offered me a job.

3.  What did you expect it to be like? I knew it would be different than any other place I had worked. There was going to more to it than just grooming.

4. What has surprised you most? I don’t think I was truly prepared for HOW different it would be. Everything I thought I knew about dogs, only scratched the surface of what could still be learned. I also was surprised at just how AWESOME the daycare floor staff is. The patience, love and guidance shown to each dog is amazing. Keeping so many dogs happy at once is not always easy, but they are pros. As a groomer, not much surprises me. But again, as much as I thought I knew about grooming, I am constantly learning different methods to make the grooming experience more enjoyable for our 4 legged friends.

Noelle doing Big Boy's nails

Noelle doing Big Boy’s nails

5. What do you like best? Being around animals has alway made me happy. Coming in to work and knowing that I get to spend the day with some amazing pups puts a smile on my face. I love seeing the transformations of dogs in training! Especially ones that come in with no self confidence. Our staff works so hard to build these dogs up and help to make them happy and self assured.

6. What do you like least?When dogs come to DFF and go through training, it’s a commitment. A commitment by our staff and the dog parents. It breaks my heart to see a dog come so far, only to regress because the family isn’t following through. Same with grooming. I try to educate people about caring for their dog in between grooming. It’s completely frustrating when a dog comes in matted because they aren’t being brushed/maintained at home.

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