Meet the Staff: Shelly of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Shelly & little Gizmo

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been working at DFF since February. I started off running and cleaning .After a few months I was put out on the small side floor to watch and teach the dogs good socialization skills.  As of now I kinda go everywhere.  I’ll run ,clean, work small side floor, and recently I have been introduced to the big side!  And Man it’s a whole new world over there.

Why did you choose to work here?

My dogs have been coming to Doggie fun and Fitness since they were pups! When we ask them if they wanna go to “school” they book it down the stairs and sit by their leashes wagging their little butts, then when we pick them up they are alseep on the car ride home from a long fun day of playing and socializing. I wanted to check out this amazing “school” that my dogs go crazy about! Little did I know I’d fall inlove with all these goofy dogs and my amazing co-workers!

What did you expect it to be like?13179096_10156101477548647_7578734269864448788_n

I expected it to be these cute dogs that I got to roll around and play with but there is MUCH more to it. Socializing dogs is like people socializing except they use their bodies and motions instead of words, it’s really cool figuring out their personalities and that tells us where they get placed from there.

What has surprised you the most?

What surprised me the most is Dogs in general, the little clues and signals dogs give you that you don’t necessarily pick up on. After observing even the most simple clue I can usually tell what their next move will be. I never considered learning all this stuff and putting this into action as being a skill but not everyone has the personality to do so. That’s the cool thing about DFF we are all calm ,Goofy ,and weird in our own way and in my opinion that’s the best kinda people to be around.

What do you like best about your job?

What I like best about my job is you could be having the worst day ever then you step on the floor and you have about 30 dogs that couldn’t be happier to see you! I treat every dog like my own I love them ,I protect them, and even pick up there poop!!! -Ask my parents I would NEVER do that at home 🙂

What do you like least?

…My boss is a total jerk …JUST KIDDING💙.  Before I worked at DFF I would’ve never considered rescuing a dog. Seemed like too much work, as if your taking in someone else’s problem, but boy was I wrong. We have had a few Fosters since I’ve been here and being here every day I got to know them a little better and they stole my hearts and I think every animal deserves to know love and a FurEver home. Hoping in the future I could help give some dogs a home and use the skills I’ve learnt to help give them have a better life.


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