Low Conflict Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding Aftermath

So my new dog Annyong isn’t perfect. I knew this going in. Last week during his earned freedom time he picked up one of my kid’s toys & wouldn’t let me have it. I didn’t think he’d bite me over it. But he did. I tried to take it from him & he took a piece of my flesh from my hand. (see video below) 

E-collar set on 8

E-collar set on 8

So today (with e-collar already on) he had taken something into his crate  during his freedom time. Instead of going head on “give it to me, drop it, out” etc. I told him to get out of his crate “come”  as I tapped the e-collar (on 8/100) & had him go to place. Then I was able to safely take an object left behind from his crate.

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