Meet the Staff- Kerri of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Kerri of Doggie Fun & Fitness

1.How long have you worked here? For about a year and a half

2. Why did you choose to work here?  I chose to work here because Laurie trained my old dog about 10 years ago and my new dog had just come through the DFF training program. He was enrolled in the daycare and I thought that I would enjoy working with dogs. I started out cleaning at night and letting the boarding dogs hang out with me while I worked. Now I work in the office on the weekends, still let the boarding dogs out a couple of nights each week and cover other shifts when needed.

3. What did you expect it to be like? I expected that the dogs would just be running around playing while I cleaned. I was definitely wrong on that assumption. I found out very quickly that even while I was cleaning I still had to pay attention to what they were doing and how they were getting along with each other. I always had to be aware of the “energy” in the room.

Kerri Galbreath of DFF

Kerri Galbreath of DFF

4. What has surprised you the most? What surprised me the most was how hard it can be dealing with multiple dogs at the same time. They each have their own personality and they all don’t respond the same way to the same things. For example, some dogs will follow you anywhere if you have treats while others prefer affection and still others do better if you ignore them and let them come to you. You always have to be aware of their body language and what they are trying to tell, not only you, but the other dogs in the room.

5. What do you like best about your job? The best thing I like about my job is being able to watch dogs grow and become the best they can be. Our trainers are so great at sharing their knowledge with us so we understand exactly what is happening and why. I get to sit in on some training sessions and get to handle dogs with all different temperaments. To see a dog go from being reactive or scared to a confident and happy member of the pack is an amazing experience.

6. What do you like least? The thing I like least is when I see a dog make a total transformation and then their family doesn’t follow through with the training homework and the dog regresses back to what they were. It’s a sad thing to watch.

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