Meet the Staff- Steff of Doggie Fun & Fitness

Steff of Doggie Fun & Fitness

How long have you worked here? I’ve been in the DFF family for about a year and four months now.

Why did you choose to work here? I happened to drop off an old classmate for their interview and decided on the spot to apply. I really lucked out on such an amazing opportunity!

What did you expect it to be like? Barking, no structure, stressed dogs being ignored and played off as “dogs being dogs”.. things I have seen at other facilities I’ve both worked at and applied to.

What has surprised you the most? How realistic and prepared we are in our approach to daycare/training/communicating. So many other facilities I have been to are filled with anyone off the street and consist of structure-less “playing with puppies” (i.e: complete chaos).

Steff working like a dog

Steff working like a dog

What do you like best about your job? The impact that we have, not only in the lives of our clients and their pups, but on their relationships and bonds with each other. It wakes me every day. And all the kisses 1f642.png🙂

What do you like least? Believe it or not, going home is the worst. I find myself going about my day and thinking “I could be with the kids ruffing it up right now…” “I wonder what they’re up to” “I miss my job” *insert tears here*

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