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Doggie Fun & Fitness employs only the most ardent of animal lovers who are committed to treating your pet as if it was a beloved member of their own family. Meet our AMAZING staff!


ledger-picLaurie Wagner, IACP CDT/PDTI/CDTA Certified Advanced Dog Trainer, Professional Dog Trainer Instructor of the International Association of Canine Professional
Laurie is a lifelong pet lover and the owner of Doggie Fun & Fitness. For over a decade she has been caring for a large client base and has built an impressive reputation for providing top quality pet care. Using calm assertive leadership skills, Laurie can socially rehabilitate your dog into the obedient pet you always wanted.

Laurie started dog walking in Salem, MA in 1999. Her skills continued to improve and she was soon handling several dogs at a time with ease. In 2004, she moved back to the south shore and started up a new client base for dog walking, pet sitting, and training.

Enjoying the relationship she had with dogs, she joined the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) in 2007. It was then that she started started to further her knowledge by attending seminars around the country, learning how to properly read and socialize dogs. Workshops included lessons with Cesar Millanin 2007, Stanley Coren author of “the Intelligence of Dogs”, and world famous dog trainer and author Brian Kilcommons in 2008. In 2009, she took a Pack to Basics workshop with the amazing Chad Mackin and that changed everything. She has since attended more Mackin workshops, as well as legendary trainers such as Martin Deeley, Tyler Muto, Heather Beck & Duke Ferguson.

Laurie considers a quiet, peaceful day care essential in keeping the bolder dogs calm & nervous dog at ease. She is now taking this philosophy around the country and around the world with her Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop. Click here to find out her schedule or to request to be a host.

  iacp-smallLaurie Wagner – Professional Member #2979 since 2008