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Day 2: Turning a Difficult Dog Into a Well Behaved one

15253394_10209992978714150_4391550119704422287_n I waited as long as it took for him to show an interest in me before I gave him any attention. It took a day but I would have waited a week… He didn’t have any interest in me yesterday, so I didn’t force myself on him. Trying too hard can get you bit. So today he looked up at me, in my eyes for the first time. Bingo! Look who is my new friend!








Also, I changed his name. He is looking at me now when I say his name more than most people’s dogs look at them. Why? Because I haven’t spoken to him yet, so when I did, my words had more value. Most people I meet talk their dogs ears off & wonder why they don’t listen to them. We all know someone who talks incessantly & what do we do? Tune them out right? Our dogs will do the same to us if we talk too much. The only words I’ve said to him so far are his new name & “go potty”. So when I speak he looks at me. This is an awesome start. Stay tuned for more! Feel free to post any questions!



How To Turn A Difficult Dog Into A Well-Balanced Dog cont.


Day 1,  evening


Wrapping up Day 1. Brought him home on leash in my car. In case he ran around like crazy, I could grab leash. He will ALWAYS be on a training collar until I fully trust him 100% (think several months, not days or weeks). Why? He may slip out of a regular collar. Especially a nervous dog. See it all the time.
He got home. Walked him around potty area in my FENCED in yard on leash. Yes even though my yard is fenced he is still on leash. Why? Because I can’t control him yet. He could run around my yard like a maniac & I would end up chasing him looking like a fool. He is also learning where I want him to potty so my yard won’t be one giant toilet. My dog Ziva goes out front door “go out back” & she goes around the house to potty out back.




ann4Next, the crate. He goes from door to crate. Yes I practice what I preach. He went straight to the crate where he will be only allowed for at least a few days. When he is a little more settled he’ll be out of crate next to me on leash only. Gradual freedom is the best way to a well-behaved dog. Once you give your dog freedom without it being earned, it is hard to take that back.

I hope you all are learning, enjoying these posts. This is not just a “look how easy/fast I can turn a dog around”. Or “look how great I am for taking in a dog in need”. On the contrary I’m hoping to show you how much work goes into making a good dog. My dog Ziva started off worse than all your dogs combined! But by doing my due diligence she turned into an amazing dog. It takes effort but isn’t miraculous by any stretch. Ok good night & more tomorrow.


How To Turn A Difficult Dog Into A Well-Balanced Dog

Day 1, 30 minutes after surrender

new dog 30 mins later

Meet my new dog Annyong. Owner surrendered him to me because he was beyond her skill level (he’s a tough dog).
I haven’t even touched him yet & won’t until he wants me to. He has no interest in me. Only searching & going back to his family. Very sad. What I do is paramount to his peace of mind, which will eventually transition him from difficult  dog to safe dog. 


  1. I will wait until he shows an interest in me before pushing myself on him.
  2. I’m across the street in the train parking lot avoiding any activity that could cause a reaction from him. Why? I want to set him up for success rather than set him up for a correction. He isn’t ready for distractions yet. When he is, I will do it slowly.

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