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Bundle Up For Winter Weather

It’s a cold and windy winter snow storm! We hope you get to bundle up with your furry friends and stay warm and safe today!  However, we are here taking care of our dog boarding clients  and we ask our daycare clients to call before they head over. If you have any questions give us a call at 781-585-3647

Thank you

Doggie Fun and Fitness

Silly Lisa Sharland

Meet the Staff- Quiet Dog Daycare- Lisa Sharland

How long have you worked here? Going on 4 yrs here. Monday – Friday I’m on the floor supervising the dogs at Doggie Fun & Fitness. On Saturdays I assist w/ training classes. I also help on the road with the Quiet Dog Daycare workshop.

Why did you choose to work here? Typical answer- simply love animals.

What did you expect it to be like? Can’t say i had any clear expectations of what the work would be like, came from a CNA job, thought i was just transferring caring for humans to caring for canines.

What has surprised you the most? Puppies are hard!! And do not stop moving!! And do not stop piddling!! It is a lot more physical job than most people would guess.

What do you like best about your job? Best thing is seeing the shy/nervous dogs come out of their shells and live without stressing.

Lisa as Employee of the Month

Lisa as Employee of the Month

What do you like least? Worst thing is once in a great while seeing those dogs that can’t just be comfortable around their own kind. It is definitely a rare occurrence, but heart breaks for them.

Ed from Doggie Fun & Fitness

Meet the Staff- Ed of Doggie Fun & Fitness

1.)How long have you worked here?

I have worked here going on 8 months

2.) Why did you choose to work here?

I chose to work here to get an early start for my career when I’m older and gain field experience and learn more about dogs and handling. I’m currently a junior in the Veterinary Science program at Norfolk Aggie.

3.) What did you expect it to be like?

I expected it to be very different and out of my comfort zone, something that i have never encountered before

4.) What has surprised you the most?

What surprised me the most was being myself how far I have come and how much I learned since i first started here.

5.) What do you like best about your job? 

What i like best are the breeds of dogs that i get to work with and socialize with and my team of co-workers are absolutely amazing! I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would rather work with! I appreciate them all so much

6.) What do you like least?

What i like least is honestly nothing. Other than when a dog has diarrhea😜


Fina (l) & Gunther (r), Ed’s German Shepherds








Had so much fun with these guys this week at the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) conference 2016.

Already can’t wait for next year!

Their Mission:
The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS is dedicated to the education, development and support of dog training professional world-wide. The IACP provides a community where experienced dog trainers mentor, guide and cultivate members to their full potential. Our commitment to the highest quality training increases our members’ skills and abilities, develops professional recognition and improves communication on training best practices. We support our members’ rights to properly use and promote effective, humane training tools and methods to create success for each dog and owner, while expanding the understanding and cooperation among canine professionals and dog owners across the full spectrum of the canine industry.