Traveling Consulting

We get asked all the time- Can we come to you? The answer is YES! We love traveling around the country to see & help other day cares. Our 2 day workshop will train your staff how to better understand dogs. Our program is so effective because we essentially “become dogs”. We understand how dogs communicate & can go into any daycare & “speak” with your dogs without knowing their history or names. Wouldn’t it be more efficient & effective to learn dog rather than teaching each individual dog to “become human” (traditional obedience training)?

For us to come to you and train YOUR staff & work with YOUR problem dogs – the flat fee is $5,000 includes all travel expenses (2 people- inside the US. ask for international rates.). To host a public workshop, if you get 15 people to sign up for $350 it ends up costing you nothing. (If you get more than 15 people you keep the extra!) We use your problem dogs as our demo dogs & all your staff gets free training. We also give you specific advice for your staff and facility after spending the 2 days there.

If you would rather not open this up to the public, we can just focus on your staff & dogs. Either way it’s the same price. We have had interest in all areas of the country & people will come from all over for this. We almost always sell out.
What the 2 day workshop consists of:
First half of day 1 is a presentation on body language, both ours & dogs. We discuss how our voice & movements affect dogs & how it can help or hinder their behavior. We discuss how to slow down crazy dogs, and how to make nervous dogs more comfortable. Oh and the barking too! We discuss why dogs bark, jump, hump and mark. And how to prevent the bad behaviors from starting in the first place.
Our philosophy is very “dog-centric” meaning we try to think of everything from a dog’s point of view. It doesn’t make sense to “train” each dog to respond to commands- essentially to teach them “human”. It makes more sense for us to speak dog.
We have a lot of 5* reviews on Facebook & I’m sure any of them would be willing to answer any questions.
If all this sounds good, let me know which you’d prefer a public or private workshop & we can discuss dates.
P.s we also have a shadow program available. It’s $1200 for a week. Saturday-Friday. Space is limited.

Thank you for hosting a Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop at your location. To share this professional event with your staff and the public you can utilize these resources below.

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