Dog Daycare

Doggie Daycare

See the benefits of well-socialized dog…

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Our staff is comprised of trainers (aka referees!) to keep the dogs playing safely and with good manners. Everyone has fun with NO bullying! Your dog’s social skills will improve as they interact with other well-behaved dogs. They will go home tired & balanced so you can enjoy your dog more at night.
(Dogs that are not good with other dogs or people can benefit from our Boot Camp Program or Board & Train Programs)

Drop-Off & Pick-Up
Monday-Friday dogs must be dropped off between 6am-10am, and must be picked up by 6pm.
Saturday dogs must be dropped off between 8am-10am, and picked up by 4pm.
If your dog is still here past close, your dog will stay overnight and you will be charged a boarding fee.

Please fill out an Application. After we have received your application, we will contact you to set up an appointment for a complimentary assessment.

Temperament Test
Dogs are selected to daycare groups based on their temperament. Temperament tests are set up by appointment only. During this test, a rabies certificate, vaccination report, clear stool sample, and current town dog license is REQUIRED. If you do not provide proof at time of appointment, we may not proceed with the test.

Please read our Rules and Regulations here.


Visit packages are available after the initial 3 day trial period.

BASIC: Daily Rates

  • 1 dog – $30/day
  • 2 dog – $52/day
  • 3 dog – $67/day

Daycare: 10 Visits

Expires 5 weeks from start

  • 1 dog – $290
  • 2 dog – $475
  • 3 dog – $640

Daycare: 20 Visits

Expires 10 weeks from start

  • 1 dog – $560
  • 2 dog – $900
  • 3 dog – $1,220


















***Due to the capacity of bully breeds, we only allow dogs we have personally trained and even then training is not a guarantee they will be allowed into daycare***