Should I bring my dog’s food and toys?

You may bring your dog’s lunch (if they eat this meal regularly at home) for a $2 fee for any dog over 6 months of age. If your dog is boarding, please bring enough food plus an extra day. Otherwise we ask that you feed breakfast early in the morning so that your dog has time to digest and relieve him or herself at home. Depending on the group of dogs, we typically do not allow toys in the area due to resource guarding. Please leave your dog’s toys at home as we cannot guarantee they will not be chewed, damaged, or destroyed.


What else can I bring?

You just need to bring a standard 6’ leash and quick release collar.


Can my dog go outside?

Yes. We have safe, securely 6’ fenced outside areas attached to our indoor area. Your dog is free to go in and out as they please, weather permitting. If your dog has ever scaled a fence before, please let us know.


Are there any dogs that you do not allow in daycare?

Every dog is welcome to our evaluation process. Dogs are not discriminated against based on breed. They are all given the same temperament testing and assessed accordingly.

It is mandatory that all dogs attending daycare be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. Dogs experiencing chronic pain, or vision or hearing loss, may not do well at our active daycare.


Can I drop my dog off whenever I want?

No. Drop off hours Monday through Friday are from 6am to 10am, and Saturday 8am to 10am. Dogs arriving after 10am will not be accepted for that day. This policy helps us to keep our groups on a similar activity schedule and helps avoid disruptions.


Can I pick up my dog whenever I want?

Yes. You may pick up at any time that is convenient for you, however the full day rate remains the same. We close at 6pm Monday through Friday, and 4pm Saturday. If your dog is not picked up by closing, you will receive a phone call to pick up at 9pm with a late fee. If you cannot come back at that time, your dog will board with us overnight and will be charged accordingly.


Do I have to bring my dog twice a week?

Yes. We require all dogs to visit at least twice a week (up to four day per week) so that they stay familiar with the other dogs, staff, and routine. This schedule is intended to reduce stress and increase comfort for all dogs in our care.


Will my dog be tired after the first day of daycare?

YES! Your dog will most likely sleep on the way home, or right when you get home. Your dog may also be very tired the following day. We affectionately call this the “daycare hangover” and it’s perfectly normal!


Do I need to keep the same two days every week?

No. Reservations are not required, but we ask that you try to keep the same days each week if possible. However, we do understand some clients have rotating work schedules and this makes sticking to days impossible. Our main requirement is that we see your dog at least twice a week. We also suggest alternating daycare days so your dog gets the rest they need at home.


How do I schedule boarding for my dog that does daycare?

Easy! Shoot us a quick email or give us a call and we will be happy to help accommodate your boarding needs. The only difference between daycare and boarding, is that your dog goes into a crate to eat and sleep. That’s it! Please note that we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for holidays prior to booking. We only permit regular clients (comes to daycare twice weekly) to book during holidays and peak periods.


How do payments work?

For daycare, we will have you prepay for the week. You may also purchase a package. You may also opt for weekly billing (on Friday’s). Please contact the office for details. For boarding, payment is due in full at the time of drop off.


What do I do if my dog isn’t feeling well on his daycare day?

Please keep your dog home if they are not feeling well, and let us know by calling or emailing.


What do I do if my dog has to miss a day?

Please reach out to us via email or phone.


What if my dog becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?

In the event that your dog becomes ill or requires medical attention, we will contact you first, and make every attempt to reach you. Typically we will transport your dog to our house vet (Court Street Animal Hospital), or we may contact your emergency contact to bring your dog to your vet.


What is your cancellation policy for boarding?

If you need to cancel your reservation, it’s as easy as a phone call or email. There is no fee for canceling regular boarding. If you cancel your reservation over a holiday period, you will forfeit your 50% non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit.


How can I make a grooming appointment for my dog?

Please contact our groomer at (781) 936-3102. If your dog regularly comes to daycare, we can schedule a grooming an appointment on your preferred daycare day, and groom towards the end of the day so they stay nice and clean.


Does my dog have access to water?

Yes! We provide multiple water dishes to each group that is available to them at their convenience. We frequently check the water and supply fresh, clean water throughout the day.


What is the routine for daycare?

We offer free play at our facility. Each group has at least one attendant at all times. So while it is free play, our attendants keep the dogs playing safely and with good manners so all dogs can have fun with no bullying!

Each dog has the opportunity to engage in play, walk around and mingle, and sleep at his or her leisure.


What is the routine for boarding?

Our boarders also experience the same routine that daycare dogs do. However, at the end of the day by 6pm, they are put into their crate area and given their carefully prepped dinner and medications as needed. Then they get three hours of down time before being let out for their last potty break. After, boarders will get tucked in for the night. At 6am, our boarders are let out for a potty break before being fed breakfast and are given 30 minutes to digest before playing for the day!


What if I only feed my dog once a day?

Even if you only feed your dog once per day at home, we will split that one meal into two. This is because your dog is experiencing more activity with us than they may at home. This helps avoid an upset stomach!


Can I call to check on my dog while I’m out of town?

Of course! Please call during business hours to get an update on your dog. You can also send us an email, but realize that email is not always the fastest way to get in contact.


What days are you closed during the year?

We are closed for DAYCARE ONLY on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.