House Calls

Did You Know We Now Make House Calls?

Some people find it easier for us to come to them. Good news! We can come to YOU and train YOUR staff and work YOUR problem dogs! We also can give you specific advice for your facility, as well as feedback on your staff and your dogs.

Why would you want us to come to you?

  • We can give you instruction on how to work dogs you would normally expel.
  • How to add a handling fee for your problem dogs.
  • How to accept & retain more dogs.
  • How to minimize barking, jumping, humping, fighting & even peeing!
  • How to break up a dog fight- how NOT TO break up a dog fight!
  • How to find & keep good staff.
  • Pre-eval as well as eval process for day care/boarding dogs.
  • We even touch upon marketing and financials.

Here are some before & after videos of our house calls.

Here are some Facebook reviews. Be sure to check them all out!

Cost is $3000 plus travel expenses (3 nights hotel, airfare for 1 from BOS). If we open it to the public & get 13 attendees, it costs you NOTHING! ZIP, ZERO, NADA! (you are responsible for the remaining balance if we don’t get 13).

Call/text 978-302-0230 Laurie Wagner or email for more information.