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How To Turn A Difficult Dog Into A Well-Balanced Dog

Day 1, 30 minutes after surrender

new dog 30 mins later

Meet my new dog Annyong. Owner surrendered him to me because he was beyond her skill level (he’s a tough dog).
I haven’t even touched him yet & won’t until he wants me to. He has no interest in me. Only searching & going back to his family. Very sad. What I do is paramount to his peace of mind, which will eventually transition him from difficult  dog to safe dog. 


  1. I will wait until he shows an interest in me before pushing myself on him.
  2. I’m across the street in the train parking lot avoiding any activity that could cause a reaction from him. Why? I want to set him up for success rather than set him up for a correction. He isn’t ready for distractions yet. When he is, I will do it slowly.