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Sharon Gerson Panek, Owner at K9 Camp and Resort, Middleboro

“I will be taking home peace! Just when you think you  know everything,, you realize you don’t know as much as you think you do, I am impressed, I am amazed and I can’t wait to start this at my own business.”

Jill, Owner at Spoiled Rotten Doggie Daycare

“We started utilizing what we learned at the Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop,
and in a matter of days the dogs were quieter and we had so much more control over them.”

Courtney Elizabeth, Cosmo Corner, Virginia Beach, VA

“This was my first workshop and it was fantastic, I personally learned so much more about dog behavior and what to look for in nervous/uncomfortable dogs that has helped so much in our group. We’ve also started using a lot of the techniques she taught us and you can see a small difference already! Definitely recommend this :)”

Jill Annese

“Laurie, thank you so much for hosting such an amazing workshop, I can’t tell you how helpful it was!”

Julie, New Port Beach, CA

“The best thing I learned was how to bring a dog with social issues into a playgroup – how to manage that way more affectively.”

Lenox, Trainer at Spoiled Rotten Doggie Daycare

“The best thing I learned was how us being calm, quiet and slow, transfers to the dogs being calm, quiet and slow!”

Dena Werling, Blue Ribbon Boarding Kennels, Bethlehem, Connecticut

“I found this workshop so informational and interesting. I really learned a lot about dogs and their behaviors that I had no idea about!”

Nicole Sincavage, Cosmo Corner, Virginia Beach, VA

” Laurie is helping so many dogs and their parents, like we try to, that might not at first glance be a good fit for daycare. The girls have only been back a day and are already making improvements in the excitement level of our groups and introducing new dogs more effectively. I highly recommend this seminar!”